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Strategic Plan 2008-2013


(1) Build, improve, disseminate, and promote recognition of knowledge on nonprofit organizations, philanthropy, civil society, and voluntary action.

(2) Create an integrated set of programs and activities that support effective education in nonprofit organizations, philanthropy, civil society and voluntary action.

(3) Manage ARNOVA's operations so that they are exemplary with respect to strong governance, financial stability, and responsiveness to members.

(4) Attract and retain individuals from under-represented groups into all aspects of ARNOVA's governance, programming, and membership in order to insure that ARNOVA is and continues to be a diverse organization. (Diversity [here] refers to inclusiveness of race and ethnicity, discipline, national origin, region, and theoretical and ideological perspective, with special attention to groups under-represented due to historical patterns of exclusion, discrimination, and lack of resources.)

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