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Valued Institutions & Donors

With Gratitude

ARNOVA gratefully acknowledges the gifts and financial support of the many people and institutions whose generosity make our work possible. As an organization that strives to serve the public and contribute to the common good, as well as support the work of our members, we rely on philanthropic support – gifts and grants – to make our work possible.

Here we note and thank those individuals and institutions who gave to our organization between July 2010 and April 30, 2012. "Supporting Members" are individuals or institutions that gave $500 or more to us in this time period. Some gifts were designated for special purposes like our scholarship or award programs, but most were undesignated. We are thankful for this support in every form it was offered.

(Pictured: ARNOVA's Presidents at our 40th Birthday Party)

Individual Supporting Members
Elizabeth Boris
H. Woods Bowman
Evelyn Brody
Ram Cnaan
Mark Hager
Robert D. Herman
Thomas Jeavons
Mark Light
David Mason
Rachel Mosher-Williams
Michael O'Neill
Individual Donors
Anonymous (4)
Salvatore P. Alaimo
Putnam Barber
Audrey Barrett
RaJade Berry-James
Stephen R. Block
Ramon Borges-Mendez
Thomasina Borkman
David L. Brown
William Brown
Jeffery Brudney
Brenda Bushouse
Julia E. Classen
Barbara Clemenson
Michele Cole
The Columbus Foundation
Marian Conway
Christopher Corbett
Norman Dolch
Gemma Donnelly-Cox
Georgette Dumont
Alnoor Ebrahim
Angela Eikenberry
Heidi Findlay
Julie Fisher-Melton
John B. Ford
Max Freund
Karen Froelich
Joe Galaskiewicz
Erna Gelles
Linda Golaszewski
Martha Golensky
Susan E. Grettenberger
Kirsten Gronbjerb
Diann Groomes
Erick Guerreo
Chao Guo
Elise C. Hagesfeld
David Hammack
Russell E. Hammond
Femida Handy
Margaret E. Harris
Jenny Harrow
Marilyn A. Hosea
Amna Imam
Renee Irvin
Paula Kabalo
James A. Krauskopf
Roland J. Kushner
Frederick Lane
Wesley Lindahl
Daniel Luchay
Wenen Luo
C.P.M. Meijs
Agnes Meinhard
Julie E. Melton
Judith Millesen
Carl Milofsky
Roseanna Mirabella
Susan Ostrander
Francie Ostrower
Linda Parsons
Claudia Petrescu
Jack Quarter
Pier Rogers
John Ronquillo
Steven W. Ross
Claire Routley
Francisco Rubio
Judith Saidel
Diane Silvers
Steven Rathgeb Smith
Jessica Sowa
Ekkehard Thuemler
Mary Tschirhart
Jon Van Til
Diane Vinokur-Kaplan
David Young
Institutional Supporting Members
The Beautiful Foundation (Korea)
The Center on Philanthropy
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Center on Philanthropy
Indiana University
Council on Foundations
Georgia State University
Andrew Young School
of Policy Studies
Helen Bader Institute for Nonprofit Management
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
The Kresge Foundation
North Carolina State University
Institute for Nonprofits
Rockefeller Archive Center
Trinity College (Ireland)
Centre for Nonprofit Management
University of Pennsylvania
School of Social Policy & Practice
University of San Diego
Institute for Nonprofits Education and Research
The Urban Institute
Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy
Foundation Funders
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
The Kresge Foundation
The Lilly Endowment
The C.S Mott Foundation