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ARNOVA's 43rd Annual Conference

November 20-22, 2014
Grand Hyatt Denver, Downtown, 1750 Welton Street, Denver, CO 80202 USA

"Evolving Sectoral Relationships: Global & Local Views"

WE INVITE YOU to join our attendees in Hartford, CT. ARNOVA members from throughout the U.S. and around the world will gather to share thought-provoking research and engage in lively discussions. Scholars, practitioners and students exchange knowledge about voluntary action, nonprofit organizations, and philanthropy. Make plans to be a part of this important community.

What is the ARNOVA Annual Conference?
As the leading organization supporting research and education in the fields of voluntary action, philanthropy, nonprofit management, and civil society, ARNOVA stages this public conference each November. The conference is designed to create a public conversation on, as well as opportunities for presenting research about, pressing issues and vital opportunities facing the voluntary or nonprofit sector. It is both a showcase for the best and most current research, as well as a seed bed from which new research is born.

More than 600 researchers, teachers and leaders from the field gather at the Annual Conference. Over recent decades, the public conversation at our conference has evolved to address new developments in our field(s), including social entrepreneurship, social economy and all aspects of civil society, as well as to meet the needs of those who study and lead “the social sector.” ARNOVA’s Annual Conference is the largest gathering held regularly anywhere devoted to these matters.

Participant Overview
Of the more than 700 persons expected to attend the conference, roughly 80 percent will be based in universities or colleges. They are leading scholars and teachers. However, many of them also serve as community consultants and nonprofit board leaders. The remaining 20 percent will be staff or leaders of nonprofit or social-economy organizations, full-time consultants to those groups, and some who play other roles in the world of philanthropy. If the pattern of recent years holds, at least 25 percent of participants will come from outside Canada and the U.S. Roughly 30 percent of conference attendees are students and others training to be the next generation of leadership for the voluntary sector.

Who benefits from our work? It is increasingly the case that developed societies, especially in the west, are depending more and more on voluntary-sector organizations, nonprofits, and emerging enterprises in "the social economy" to do the work of providing human services and developing civil society. ARNOVA’s work benefits all of society by helping generate the knowledge and perspectives that can make those organizations and enterprises more effective. With our focus on teaching, we are also playing a key role in preparing the next generation of leadership. Special projects we carry out have directly addressed the needs of nonprofits and foundations in developing new knowledge and sustaining important conversations vital to refining and improving their practices and services. In short, a wide range of organizations and individuals seeking to serve the public good are strengthened by the work of ARNOVA and its members.

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