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Social Entrepreneurship/Enterprise Section (SEES)

Around the world, instances of social entrepreneurship and enterprise are attracting great interest within policy and practitioner communities. Broadly defined, these terms refer to initiatives that are associated with aspects of innovation and modes of earned income generation by nongovernmental organizations (i.e., nonprofit organizations). This new field of study is growing quite controversial as academicians and practitioners seek to discover and begin discussion of associated activities, history and theoretical paradigms. Moreover, discussions within the literature of Social Entrepreneurship/Enterprise approaches and achievements have been unbalanced—with the aspirational and prescriptive notions running ahead of grounded analysis.

The mission of the Social Entrepreneurship/Enterprise Section (SEES) is to facilitate the interaction among ARNOVA members who are interested in increasing the level of research, debate, and understanding regarding organizations, projects, and activities/initiatives associated with social entrepreneurship and/or social enterprise.

The SEES section has been established as a forum for sharing research on the practice, policy and theory associated with its mission.

Specifically, SEES seeks to:

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