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Pracademics Section

At the 2006 ARNOVA Annual Conference, the ARNOVA Board of Directors approved a request to form a new section, Pracademics, the fifth such sub-group within the association. As stated in the Policy and Procedures manual, sections allow ARNOVA members to express their special interests but also serve to further the mission of the association by enhancing its intellectual scope and helping to develop diverse leadership.

According to the bylaws of the section, its purpose is "to build more effective academic-practitioner relationships in order to foster and disseminate high quality research and strengthen nonprofit management education, community service, voluntary action, and philanthropic studies." Since 2006, the Pracademics Section has hosted two research sessions each conference. For 2014, the Pracademics section has finalized their strategic plan to coincide with ARNOVA's mission. If you are interested in learning more about Pracademics, please contact any leadership team member below.

Pracademics Section Leadership:
Melissa Heinlein Storti, Chair,
Tracy Connors, Chair-elect,
Nancy Macduff, Secretary,
Sylvia Ramirez Benatti, Past Chair,

At-large members:
Kelly Trusty,
Cathy Vrentras,

Join us in Denver for the 2014 conference as we will host two sessions and a networking dinner so please watch for more detailed information. In addition, Pracademics has its own LinkedIn discussion group, which you can join here. Please watch for more additions to the Pracademics page on the ARNOVA website. For information on the Pracademics please contact Melissa Heinlein Storti at